My Top 9 of 2015

I take a lot of photos, mostly of my cat and dog admittedly, but I also genuinely love photography, so I naturally spend a lot of time on Instagram and it always leaves me feeling inspired by the way other people can see the world.  Lately, people have started to post their best nine photos of 2015 under the hashtag #2015bestnine. I did that, and it’s mostly my cat and dog, surprise! Either way, what my random and probably too long of the intro is trying to say is, it got me thinking about how much my life has changed over the past year and a half. I haven’t honestly sat down with myself and thought about it. So, I decided since I love nothing better than making lists, I would take this time to reflect on my best nine successes AND failures (in no particular order) for 2015.

What were my top 9 successes this year?

  1. Did a better job of the delegation of tasks and turned out better work for my clients than I have in the past.
  2. Created and served 6.7 million impressions worth of ads.
  3. Increased my overall writing quality and quantity.
  4. Traveled more in one year than I have in the past 5.
  5. Spent more time with friends.
  6. Made new friends.
  7. Pulled in more revenue than previous years.
  8. Spent more time learning about new technology in marketing than ever.
  9. Survived an insane spring storm in the middle of a field in Austin.


What were my top 9 failures?

  1. I didn’t spend enough time with family.
  2. I didn’t save enough money.
  3. I didn’t say no enough.
  4. I worked too many hours.
  5. I missed my reading goal for the year.
  6. I didn’t write publicly about the work I’ve done and what I learned in the process.
  7. I didn’t do enough volunteering.
  8. I didn’t meet my fitness goals for the year.
  9. I consumed more sodas than any human should have in a lifetime.


In 2016,  I hope I have to think harder about my failures and have even more successes.  What are your best nine successes and failures of 2015?


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