Lamenting Life Pre-Covid19

Typically this time of the year as a contractor I would be blindingly busy, but of course, the COVID-economy has put a pause on a lot of things. My business has slowed, by at least 45% in the past 2 1/2 months. I’m used to becoming really busy and seeing a lull that would suddenly approach where I knew I could take a breather and do my favorite thing, travel. At the end of all of that work, stress and endless nights at the keyboard, I’d close the laptop and hop on a plane for a trip with Carmen, my bestie of 23 years.

We’d explore a new location we picked one night on a call or on a prior trip. It was all very who gives a fuck, it’s somewhere else type of trip. We both always needed it and somehow have kept up that tradition since I was 18 years old when I took my first flight to see her in Los Angeles. This country boy was gonna get to hang out on the beach and with movie stars. Trust me, my illusion was quickly burst when I saw how polluted LA was and how much dirtier it looked in person. Still, there were some amazing places to visit, and we had a blast camping on the beach one evening. I’ll never forget it — I had my first kiss with a college boy. Saw San Diego and to meet my brother for the first time ever in my conscious adult life.

Keeping it simple, this is to say, I miss Carmen and her hugs and our fun nights out. She opened my eyes to how much bigger this world is and how much more of it there is to see and experience. I can’t wait for us to travel across the world together again and for us to put down our phones to just be there, in the moment.


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