Chrome Apps and Extensions Worth the Ram (and in some cases, even money)

While my title for my job may be Social Media Strategist, I do everything from Photoshop to Excel recaps, to writing content for blogs and social posts and or preferably delegating it to someone else. One thing remains the same; I’m always finding new and useful productivity tools in the process of searching for that perfect harmony of apps to keep my day humming along. I’ve collected quite a few apps and or extensions and kicked an even larger amount to the curb because they became pointless and or got sketchy because were sold to a third party and the permissions practically had them looking up my shorts. So below are a list of Chrome Apps and Extensions that I’m rather fond of for keeping on task for the day whether it be a content writing day or a day with the whiteboard.

Momentum – For those that want to be reminded of their primary goals for the day and why they should probably close that new browser tab out or make the next tab be one that’s business related. In comes, Momentum, recommended by the tip of the day from a video podcast I tune into every now and then called This Week in Google aka TWIG. The app replaces the usual new tab with a large clock in the center and a question “What is your main focus for today?” which, leaves you a field to fill in with what you want to focus on. It can be checked off and a new box will come up asking the same question. I find having that clock ever present in my line of sight is far more useful than the basic clock that comes with most operating systems. So far it has increased my productivity and has shown me a lot of new places I really would like to visit.

momentum app

LastPass – I consistently found myself confused trying to remember a password and or copying and pasting a password for a client from a random document or email from them. Each time shivering —considering how terribly insecure that whole process was. In comes, LastPass and that entire insecure and inefficient process were tossed out the window. With LastPass, you can install the Chrome extension and the accompanying apps for all mobile devices for just $12 a year. Recently my company moved over to Enterprise, and it’s been a treat hearing comments from co-workers around the office saying “This LastPass thing is pretty handy!”.


Copy All URLS does exactly what it says. There’s a probably a ton of ways you could implement this extension to your routine. For me, when I’m researching a project and I’m about 40 tabs deep, in comes, Copy All URLs. I don’t want to possibly lose a valuable link so I just activate this handy extension and copy every URL from every tab I’ve got open. I can quickly paste that into an email or a doc for myself so I won’t lose a single link. This also works well for quick link generation if you’re indexing a site that you don’t have access to the backend of. I could see a business using this as a free way to get a visual of the content structure of a competitor’s site.

Copy All URLS


Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) for Chrome is another great App that does just what it’s name says. It manages your extensions, and if you’re a ram eater web surfer like me. You probably have a shit-ton of plugins that are causing some serious ram leakage. This Extension allows you to turn off all extensions in just 2 clicks and then turn them right back on. Pretty helpful when you need to finish out a video render or you’ve switched to your older laptop or computer that really can’t handle all of those extensions running at once.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)


I’ve got a huge library of Chrome Apps and Extensions. I’ll be updating the blog periodically so always check the bottom of the blog for last updated.


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